With so many systems on the market it is sometimes difficult to decide

which will best suit your expectations. In a re-design situation you can simply

re-wire your house with existing basic conventional electrical wiring,

installing energy saving bulbs where possible and allowing for basic control

of lighting and power throughout your property or business...


But.... How fantastic would it be to have an intelligent system installed

instead, that not only allowed you to design in energy saving features but also gave you total control over all of your lighting and power from any location,

in the building or from any where in the world...


Skellytech can help make the most of Technology, to achieve the above,

we have already installed systems for home use and business use,

nightclubs can make good use of total control, swimming pools, gyms,

games rooms and outside lighting all benefit from control technology.


Not to mention energy sources for electricity, this you will find under our energy section.


We are also able to fault find any existing system, be it conventional or "smart"




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