Technology is being used more and more all around us, networking

with the use of computers, routers, hubs and switches allow us to

connect almost anything electronic into our network nowadays.


This also includes audio and visual equipment, from the latest plasma

or led / lcd tv's, HD projectors and surround sound technologies, we

love these technologies and simply love to make them all talk to each other.


Although these items appear to be of no energy benefit and just for fun,

if you pay attention to the products you use you cannot only enjoy

using the equipment but know that the equipment your using is

energy efficient too. You can even link it into your home automation control

and dim or turn lights off whilst turning your blu-ray player on

automatically, saving even more energy, how great is that..



With the introduction of i-phones and smart phone technology, av and home automation

are becoming so much more available to everyone....

We say take full advantage...




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